Ted Hefko and the Thousandaires:
Distillations of the Blues

Distillations of the Blues Distillations of the Blues evokes the feeling of motion directly, as if you've just stumbled off the street into an early 20th century speakeasy where something was happening that you didn't even realize existed the moment before. It feels more like the live show, and that's a great thing because there some talented performers and wonderful characters in Mr. Hefko's troupe. Neil Flink lays down his signature sweeping guitar tapestries. And if you're a jazz cat, you'll love Brian Vinson's style and the way he just sways with that upright bass and makes it sound way easier than it really is. He and Norman Edwards are locked in on this album, keeping time and holding the groove for all the talented guest players recording in both New Orleans and Brooklyn. A lot of these tracks were recorded while on tour, which may explain why it has that great "live" feel and polish. And of course, the man himself wails on the sax.

Just like the earlier albums, the vivid imagery in Ted's lyrics unfold like a blooming light in a world that is darker than it would be without his perspective. His clever rhymes, earthy anecdotes, and simple phrasing live naturally in your mind's ear. There's a timeless quality to the way Ted writes his lyrics, a way that makes them applicable across ages and even time itself. You could have dropped this album in any decade of the last century and people would identify with and enjoy it. Ted's voice is the best I've heard it yet, and it shines in a way I've never heard before on some of the slower numbers. It's still as smooth as ever, don't get me wrong, but there's a strength there that has grown since we first saw him crooning into the South Carolina evening. This album wraps up that energy from the live show and draws you along for the ride.
— excerpted from the liner notes by Isaac Story

The Thousandaires:
Ted Hefko — Lead Vocals, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, All Acoustic Guitars
Neil Flink — Electric Guitar
Brian Vinson — Upright Bass
Norman Edwards Jr. — Drums
Special Guests:
Dalton Ridenhour — Piano 4,9&10
Marek Sapievski — Piano 2&11
Kid Chocolate — Trumpet 1,2,8&11
Andy "Dr. Bone" Galbiati — Trombone 1&2
Satoru Ohashi — Trumpet 6&7, Tambourine 1&3
Dominick Grillo — Baritone Sax 8

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